Catchalotto’s view on why you must never play one-a pair of-3-4-five-half-dozen in Lotto

A while ago Camelot, the UK National Lottery Official Operator, used to unleash combos that were played most commonly. Unsurprisingly, combination one-2-3-4-5-half-dozen was one amongst them in that it had been entered into every Lotto Draw by several people. And by several I mean thousands!!! If I recall properly, at some stage there were regarding ten,000 tickets purchased for each Lotto draw containing this combination. This brings me to the rationale range one why such combination ought to be avoided just like the plague.


There are so many tickets being bought containing combination one-two-3-four-5-6, the jackpot payout would be very low indeed should this mix win!

Let’s say you play 1-2-three-four-5-half-dozen and it does win (yippee!). Let’s say you are in to share a median £3,000,000 jackpot with 10,000 other jackpot winners. This may mean that your share of winnings would be a miserable £300! Yeah, okay, still good cash, beats the tenner that you get for guessing 3 numbers, but positively this is often not the money you have got in mind when you dream concerning winning the jackpot, right?!

There are various reasons why so many folks play this combination. It’s easy to remember… It’s simple to mark on a lottery price tag… Some are lazy/in need of time to pick out a good non-biased non-ordered combination…Statistically combination 1-two-3-4-5-6 has the identical chances of being drawn (one in thirteen,983,816), thus why not play it… Some folks play the identical combination each time, therefore it may be that they played this mixture for a while and don’t want to allow it up currently in case if it will come up… Camelot no longer announces combos that are played most commonly, so several are simply unaware how several folks they will need to share their jackpot with ought to this mix be drawn.

No matter the rationale, it’s a pound down the drain when 1-two-three-four-5-six is played as a result of of the higher than reason alone. There’s but another excuse why you must NOT play this combination.


As mentioned above, statistically the combination one-2-three-four-five-six has the identical probabilities of being drawn, in other words you have got one chance of winning the jackpot with this mix and 13,983,815 possibilities of NOT winning it. That’s statistically.

But, if you observe vast amount of literature that’s currently obtainable with regard to lottery analysis and probability laws, you’d see that most authors offer out a rather totally different story. Most believe that the mixture one-2-three-4-five-vi is biased and is certain to loose as a result of it is far out of balance to come up in a random drawing. This opinion is based on vast analysis undertaken by several who analysed the draws of past lottery games from around the globe!!! If six consecutive numbers have not been drawn in any of the lotteries worldwide, and six numbers from one variety cluster haven’t been drawn either, then what likelihood does the mix one-two-three-4-5-six have?

It’s believed that the least doubtless combos to be drawn are those at the tail ends of a bell curve. These are all-time low six numbers and the highest six numbers of any lotto game.

Now onto the good news. The good news is that Lottorino can help with Lotto combination selection. It incorporates many filters and checks whether a certain combination is biased or not. Lottorino consults likelihood laws instead of those of possibility. The concept is that while it’s doable for any combination to be drawn, bound mixtures are less probable to come up.

If you raise Lottorino to analyse one-two-three-4-five-vi, it’d assign a coffee Lottorino score of two%, which means that this mixture seems to be biased in some method and thence assigns the likelihood of it being drawn as a pair of% (the percentage would depend how many rules/filters have been broken). By sieving out this and many different combos, your lotto price ticket simply stands better possibilities of being a winning one!

If you have a look at Lottorino’s several all officially drawn UK Lotto mixtures in the past, you would see that some do appear to own a low Lottorino score (i.e. Lottorino would have advised NOT to play it), however ninety five% of your time, Lottorino score is 50% or on top of (Catchalotto’s counseled advisable limit). Therefore ninety five% of your time, the odds would are indeed improved by Lottorino.

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