649 Full Of Wonders

Every one needs money and that too of huge amount. While most of us just sit and wait for lady luck to smile on us there is a way you can make some fabulous amounts of money if you chance your luck. 649 or lotto 649offers you a chance to be the winner of millions of Euros if only you play.

Disbelievers always argue that winning a lottery or in this case the 649 is totally impossible and the possibilities are one in a million. The questioners always deny one important fact, the probability of having more than a million Euros without playing lotto is one in a trillion. So, if you play lotto you reduce the odds substantially from one in a trillion to one in a million

Who knows if you are lucky and your number is declared the winning number you will be the winner of millions of Euros and more. There are the moralists who decry lotto 649 as β€˜sin’ however there is no deception in lotto. The results when declared only prove one fact that the money has gone from those who supposed the winning numbers wrong to one who presumed the winning numbers right.

As a player it is necessary to know how to play the game. In general there are five prizes and in order to play the game you have to choose any six numbers from 1 to 49 and an additional bonus number. When the results are declared and if your six numbers match the results then you are declared winner of the first prize. If there is more than one person who have got the winning numbers then the amount for the first prize is divided equally among them or a prearranged fixed amount is awarded to each winner. To be eligible for the second prize you will have to guess 5 of the 6 winning numbers along with the bonus number. One who matches 5 numbers is the winner of third prize. Ticket that matches four numbers from the winning draw is eligible for the fourth prize and for the fifth and last prize you need to match at least three main numbers.

There are numerous policies that you can embrace in order to play scientifically. Some players become a member of a syndicate that enhances their probability of winning the jackpot, while others choose to go it alone. Chances of winning the mega prize increase if you become a member of syndicate. Most recently Mr. William Potter, a member of a syndicate, won a jackpot of 2.9 million Euros in the Spanish 649 and in less than a month, lady luck smiled on him again and he hit the Spanish jackpot once again winning a total of 17.He decided to keep 3 million Euros for himself. Mr. Potter honored syndicate for his success.

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