Are You in the Right “Poker State of Mind”?

I’m sure the word TILT is nothing that you haven’t heard before even if you are new to playing poker. In a nutshell, being on TILT means that you are no longer thinking clearly or that something occurred at the table that has upset you. A few things that could set someone on TILT are :

1.       Taking a Bad Beat  – Getting your money in the pot with the best hand only to be outdrawn by a  weaker hand

2.       Being shown a Bluff – Sometimes after you fold your opponent will show his terrible hand which can trigger emotions of anger and frustration

3.       Drunk Players at the Table – Although it’s fun to play against people when they have been drinking as they tend to make errors, listening to them yap away is enough to upset anyone

4.       Trash Talker at the Table – Some use this tactic to throw you off your game. They constantly berate you at the table hoping to get an edge and make you do something stupid to lose all of your chips. (I’m really not a big fan of this approach, but it is effective for some)

That was just a few examples of things that can put you TILT. At any point that you don’t feel like you are making good decisions then it’s probably for the best that you take a break. Poker is a game of incomplete information where we try to make the correct decisions. If you’re not thinking correctly and making bad decisions then you stand a good chance to lose a lot of money. Having the right “Poker State of Mind” is crucial to your long term poker success. Here are some other examples of things to avoid:

1.       You should not play if you are tired

2.       Don’t play if you are drinking or have been drinking

3.       Avoid watching TV while playing

4.       If you are surfing the web or answering emails, you really shouldn’t be playing

I know sometimes poker can be long in between hands to play so we tend to do other things. If you are an onine player and find yourself getting bored, my suggestion would be to play a few tables at the same time. This will increase your chances of getting good starting hands to play and eliminating boredom. If you still find yourself drifting then maybe you should just quit for the day. There will always be another game tomorrow so there is no need to worry.

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