Basic Strategy for Blackjack: Important Tricks Uncovered

If you are a newbie to the game you are best of to begin with the basic strategy for Blackjack and by obtaining a copy of a correct Blackjack strategy card, to keep next to you when playing online.

Players have toyed with different approaches with varying degrees of success for many years by a wide variety of players. By choosing one or two strategies from the many that you will find and you may be able to significantly improve your performance. Before trying to analyze and put to into practice any particular strategy you need to make sure you know the rules of Blackjack.

By far the most famous strategy is that of card counting, but you will not be permitted to bet if a casino discovers you are using it. Obviously you can increase your odds this way, since you can narrow down which cards are left in the deck. Being able to anticipate what is coming allows you to adjust your bets accordingly.

There are no casinos that will allow you to keep track of which are no longer in play. However, if you’re one of the lucky once that can remember all the cards, then by all means try this method until you are found out and banned! But in reality anyone can use this technique because online casinos have no way to tell if you are keeping track.

Surprisingly, we find different game rules applied at different casinos, and make a significant difference to your game. For example, some casinos do not permit you to split your hand when you get two of the same card. Being permitted to split can give you a real chance to parlay your money into bigger wins, but if not you are unlikely to be able to generate a comfortable sum.

The majority of casinos that you will visit, including those online, require that the dealer stand at 17. It’s important to be aware that without such a restriction you have less chance overall. Being aware of the variations in rules is one way to making sure you give yourself the best chance of winning.

In addition to considering how rules may vary from casino to casino, what should you keep in mind when determining how to bet? Many wagering methods are available, and your best strategy is to find one you understand and like and use it consistently. Of the many wagering techniques followed, the Martingale and Paroli and perhaps the best known.

You will find many similarities between Blackjack strategies, though both Martingale and Paroli are entirely opposed in principle. Using Martingale you double the bet if you lose, if you win you make your original bet again. On the other hand, you double your bet on a win with Paroli, only returning to the initial stake for a losing round. Paroli is all about trying to take advantage of winning streaks and Martingale is geared towards breaking losing streaks. Both systems have some flaws. When you are using Martingale you must have a lot of money to gamble with. Say you begin with a $10 bet and you lose 7 hands in a row for a combined loss of $1270  the system now dictates you bet $1280 on the eight hand! Paroli requires a much smaller wallet. Letting your initial bet be $10  and loosing seven times in a row will only cost you $70.

The Parlay approach is another Blackjack system that is not unlike Paroli but somewhat more conservative. Parlay is based on gradually increasing your bet, recommending that whenever you win, the the follow on wager is the basic bet plus a percentage of the winning amount.

One of the best ways of improving your chance of winning, at least in helping determine how to wager, is to use a special Blackjack calculator. The calculator will act as a record book of the cards dealt for you, and determines the odds of additional cards that have yet to be played, takes the cards you are holding into account. Having access to odds and probabilities can guide you in what moves to make.

Not surprisingly it is just the web based games that allow you to use such Blackjack betting strategies. Live games would eject you for attempting to keep a database. But although game strategies might be limited, betting strategies are entirely possible, and often very helpful.

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