Getting Geared Up for Live Poker Events

Even if you are quite well-versed in how poker functions, having played for several years, you do tend to get jittery when you get the chance to play at a live poker event. Many people can’t help being nervous when such an event is to begin.

This happens with poker pros also. That is because most of the times these people have been playing at their computers. No one has been watching them play. Even if there has been a grand success, there’s no one to celebrate it with. However, when the event is a live event, there are going to be a thousand eyes on you and that makes things more difficult.

One of the most important things you have to remember is to control your facial expressions when you are playing live. Your face cannot give away what you are after. Even if you are zeroing in to strike the ultimate blow, you cannot make that apparent. And you have to hold that expression for several hours at a stretch.


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Live poker competitions can be taxing on the body as well. You cannot move about or take breaks when you are playing with all those people watching you. You might even have some cameras on you to beam the show on television or elsewhere. It is no wonder that people who enter a live poker match arena for the first time are scared out of their wits.

More than preparing your body, you need to prepare your mind. You have to keep complete focus on what you are about to do, and have to make sure not to tire yourself. You have to also maintain a sitting position for a considerable amount of time and that could be taxing on you. If you find this physical aspect difficult, probably your physician could help you manage a sitting stance over a long period of time.

To prepare yourself physically, you could engage yourself in some physical exercises like the stretching exercises. Learn how you can relax your body completely. When you are playing in a live game, this is absolutely essential.

Apart from that, you also have to ensure that your mind is ready. Many people are looking at your game and that can mean a lot of pressure. Your mind could falter. But there are some strategies that you shouldn’t ignore. Remember that you must play so that you don’t lose. Playing to win is something that should be secondary in your mind.

It is important for you to keep in mind that you are just as special as those other people watching you, perhaps more so because you have been chosen to play. Keeping this thought in mind will remove all regressive thoughts and really help you play well.

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