Holdem Genius Review & Guide

One of the best of these poker odds calculators for the newer player is Holdem Genus. I’d like to give you a little HoldEm Genius review so you can decide for yourself if it would be a valuable learning and competitive tool.holdem genius review

Holdem Genius doesn’t just calculate pot odds and your odds of winning the hand like a typical odds calculator, although it does those things just fine. What this program does is to advise you according to your own choices about how you want to play. You can decide exactly how tight or loose you prefer, including specific hand ranges for specific positions. The settings for the blinds can be particularly useful for beginning and intermediate players.

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Holdem Genius offers a very nice all-in-one solution for skinning your poker tables with every statistic you will need at the tables in regards to pot odds.  The program attaches itself to your poker tables automatically and is fully customizable.  For example, you can have your top hands chart attached to the left side of your table and have all of your other game information on the right side so that everything is easily viewable.  There is also a nice graphic in the center of the table that displays your current best hand and the likelihood of having the best hand on the river.  Holdem Genius does not play poker for you, it simply presents you with information faster than you would have it if you calculated it manually, which allows you to make the best decision possible at the table.

Holdem Genius can calculate the odds of you having a winning hand in real-time and display this information for you on your computer screen while you’re playing. The tools will be able to give you information such as how many outs you have left, what hands you could get on the turn or river, your opponents previous stats and hand history plus much more. Holdem Genius is a direct download so there is no waiting for shipping and you could be using the poker calculators within minutes of your purchase.

This Holdem software installs cleanly and is followed by prompt updates. The calculator provides pot and hand odds on every card and the exact hands that can beat the user. This can be done simultaneously for multiple games. The use of advanced mathematical algorithms takes multiple variables, such as opponents, position, fold depth, and pot odds into account, thus providing the most accurate poker guidance. Using this Holdem software certainly enables a player to use time and energy more efficiently. It can also enable the user to fine-tune their game to the extent that they can adopt a preferred style, such as establishing a purely tight-aggressive approach. Genius can also adjust to firmly set player tendencies, such as never calling in the small blind unless one’s hand is in the top 5%.

When you do, it watches your hand and instantly calculates your hand odds and pot odds with no manual inputs from you – EVER! Plus, Holdem Genius gives you real-time betting advice based on the strength of your hand, your outs, the community cards, and what your opponents likely have. You can even adjust the settings on Holdem Genius to match your personal playing style. Make it more aggressive in late position or tighter pre-flop. It’s up to you.

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