Holdem Genius

Doesn’t it always seem like the smartest poker player always wins the most money? Well if you want to be the smartest guy at the poker table, you have to play with Holdem Genius.

Be a Genius – a Holdem Genius

Looking for an edge while you sit down to play some online poker? Well if that is the case then the Holdem Genius software could be what you are looking for to take your game to the next level. Holdem Genius helps train if you will the players that use the software to become better overall poker players.

Plus, Holdem Genius can attach to multiple games at once making it easier for you to play more games and WIN MORE MONEY! This is the best way to dominate your opponents at the table. When you know the odds, it’s easier to WIN! The best part is you can get Holdem Genius for free just by opening a new account with one of their partner poker rooms. Go to the Holdem Genius website right now and get your FREE license! Then you’ll be on your way to winning more money as a Texas Holdem Genius!

Why download the software?

When you open the Holdem Genius software, it will attach itself to the online poker room that you are playing on. Holdem Genius starts working as soon as you are dealt your first hand and unlike other poker calculators, you can use it on at least three different tables at one time. Holdem Genius allows you to toggle between it and the poker room and the information is laid out in easy to read tables. Holdem Genius also makes the action – fold, check, bet, or raise – easy to see and understand right in the middle of the screen without obscuring the room or the game.

Advantages with Holdem Genius:

Using the most advanced algorithms based in mathematical theory, Hold’em Genius considers all the variables to provide you with the most accurate and best real-time poker advice. Considered variables include pot odds, opponents, fold depth, position and many more. No advice is as reliable as the professional advice from Hold’em Genius. Do not spend even a minute more time trying to figure your odds out yourself using brainpower alone. Hold’em Genius does it much fast and with greater accuracy, helping you determine your best course of action. With advice on finding tells and stealing pots, your can put your energy into improving your distinct game style instead of wasting on calculations.

Getting Holdem Genius

The downside of Holdem Genus is that you need to play 500 hands of real money poker at just one room of your choice before it unlocks and then enables you to play with it anywhere online. This is why a couple of online gaming sites give it to you for free with your minimum deposit.


Overall Holdem Genius is an online poker tool that is worth buying. You will have the opportunity to better understand the game of poker and make some wise decision at the tables. The price of Holdem Genius is .85 and in case you are going to use this online poker software you will be able to be on profit from day one. You should consider Holdem Genius as an investment that will pay off by increasing your abilities to play poker online.

With hold em poker software you can stop grouping in the dark. In every situation at the poker table you have access to high quality intelligence and can make really competent decisions.