Horse Race Betting Systems – Great Secrets Told

If you are serious about learning how to win at horse racing then knowing todays horse racing tips and some trustworthy horse race betting systems are things you really must study further.

You have probably tried to figure out how to have more success with betting on horses, and come up with few ideas? What tips do the experts use use to make more money and minimize losing bets? What tools can you use to target a winner from the paddock with better reliability? Of the strategies that exist, can we find some that work better, and are successful on a more consistent basis?

These are among the things that people think about before they start to bet. It is time to start teaching you all how to win at horse racing!
Of course, most people enjoy a wager purely for casual enjoyment, with no real need to win. But you do find those that look for a windfall from horse racing, and invest a great deal of money. To get a healthy winning percentage, are there key strategies to employ?

To begin with, one important piece of advice to follow is to evaluate all the horses in the race. You aren’t giving yourself much of a chance if you use haphazard methods. Evaluate each of the horses that is running in order to make an informed choice when picking horses to bet on.

A common assumption made by many early on is to wager simply on the horse that appears to have the best style. If you bet on the obvious choice and look past the less likely winners, you are limiting your ability to get the big win. The odds on favorite does win about a third of the time, so it’s no wonder we tend to pick the favorite.

Whilst this certainly seems quite understandable, a close look at the other horses may reveal strong contenders with better possibility for a win. Perhaps the favored horse has odds of three to one, but a horse with similar characteristics has much higher odds – then you’ll want to strongly consider the second horse. Another way to improve your betting performance is to watch enough races to give you a really good view of the horses. The more experience you have of watching races, the better you’ll be able to make judgments.

You will have a hard time narrowing down all the things that impact how a horse runs in a particular race, and on a given track. It would be very helpful to maintain a record of track conditions and what the outcomes of the races were. Also, maintain records of your betting and performance. In this way you will be able to determine your strengths and weaknesses, and what mistakes you may be making.

As far as general horse wagering tactics go, you will find the theory suggesting single wagers are preferable to multiples. You should beware of this advice, ill conceived bets are usually made because of bad horse selection. If you choose a horse for poor reasons, then certainly doing this multiple times will lose you money. But if you choose a horse for good reasons, repeating your bet can lead to big rewards.

In cases where you think the horse has the makings of a winner and has 10/1 odds, you owe it to yourself to also take a hard look at the rest of the field. Check to see if the second or third favorites could win. If your research indicates that they could take the race, then bet each way, otherwise go for a win.

When you like the looks of a horse but the odds are not attractive, such as 3/1, is there a smart bet to make? Always compare this horse with the rest of the field, and then determine if you should bet to win and to place. You can avoid the common mistake of just picking the favorite for the win bet. You will often be tempted to take the safest option and bet both a win and a place, but keep in mind that your bets should always be placed by looking for the horse that you think will win. Remember – it’s not just the odds, but the way the favorite looks when compared to the other top choices.

Ultimately, the magic behind being successful at horse racing is to analyze many races, and don’t take short cuts on your data collection, pick your horses based on the facts.

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