How to Identify the Compulsive Gambler

The uncontrollable gambler is much like an alcoholic. He’s a person who need to bet and cannot, irrespective of how hard he tries, to resist gambling. The consequences of this behaviour have significant effects on his personal life and, fairly often, his professional life. Like the alcoholic needs another drink, the compulsive gambler desires to gamble to relieve the stress created by his dependence. So, how does one spot this type of person? The indications are quite apparent. Mentioned below are a few things to watch out for if you suspect someone of being a compulsive gambler.

Gambling is their entire life

Gambling is basically all this person will chat about. And if he gets off track and talks about something else, it isn’t long before he is back on track talking about gambling. He’s going to be more than ready to inform numerous stories of gambling escapades and close misses and losses that he’s had. He nearly lives gambling every hour of the day.

He craves more gambling

It is not feasible for the compulsive gambler to stop without some heavy help. He typically bets away more of his money. He doesn’t necessarily bet for bigger stakes but instead bets only for the thrill of doing it. It is kind of like the need to walk the tightrope and test the risk of what he is preparing to do. And the length of each gambling session lasts longer.

He’s irresistible

He is incapable to stop his gambling without some sort of qualified help. Even if he knows he ought to stop, he sometimes cannot do it by himself. If he is not gambling or isn’t able to get a place to gamble, he is going to become irascible very like the alcoholic that needs a drink and can not find one.

Becomes a continual liar

The obsessive gambler becomes a liar in order to keep quiet the undeniable fact that he bets. He also will not acknowledge that he’s got a gambling problem of any sort. If he is pressed on the assumption he is gambling too much, he’s going to become irritated and be increasingly strong in his denials.

Aquires money at all costs

As his finances become more depleted, he starts to be reliant on other people to help him sustain his problem. He may borrow cash from pals and kin as well as turn to more serious steps like the re-financing of loans and mortgages. He may even raid his retirement account to make use of whatever money is available from that source. As the issue becomes worse, he may even commit criminal activity to sustain his gambling.

His life starts to crumble

The deeper he gets into debt and the further addicted he becomes, his existence becomes more and more impacted by his gambling. He’ll start to lose chums, his family may suffer and he is going to begin to suffer depression after he gambles. Attempts at suicide could also occur as he becomes more and more annoyed about his problem.

His personality changes

As he is getting in deeper and deeper his personality will start the change. He will become much more crabby, he is going to want to manipulate things and people, he’s going to become belligerent in many scenarios and try to manipulate things. At last, he will begin to lose attention in things that have always been an interest to him, including his folks. And thru it all, he’s very difficult to talk to or to rationalize with.

Time means very little

he is going to have very little sense of time when he is deeply dunked in gambling. He will gamble at any hour of any day. He can gamble on Sundays, vacations and skip big occasions so they can bet.


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