How You Can Play The UK Lottery

The United Kingdom’s main lottery game is the UK Lottery, a twice-a-week game with drawings every Wednesday and Saturday. It is a 6 from 29 lottery, meaning the lucky winner must match all six numbers to win the grand prize. Smaller winnings are given to those whose tickets match at least 3 numbers.

You cannot play the UK lottery without a ticket. You may obtain your ticket from a national lottery retailer in person. You mark your selections on a play slip, and give the play slip to the retailer. The retailer issues a ticket with your selected lottery numbers on it.

Alternatively, you may play the UK lottery by buying virtual tickets online. In this Internet option, you enter your numbers online and then get a virtual or electronic ticket by email. You may print it out, or access your numbers by a link included in the email. Online purchase is safe and convenient, and there is no extra charge for the service.

It is essential that you use only authorized lottery web sites when you buy virtual tickets. You should keep your user name and passwords safe, and you minimize the risk of being hacked by logging out after you purchase your tickets. This helps ensure that your bank numbers are not compromised by online criminal activity.

Whether you buy your tickets in person or on line, you do not have to select your lottery numbers. In either method, you may opt for “Lucky Dip,” in which the computer selects all six numbers randomly.

The player also needs to select which lottery draw they want:  Wednesday, Saturday or both.  You can play the same set of lottery numbers on both nights.  You do not need to select different lottery numbers for different nights.

Every player must make sure their play slip has: Your selected numbers (or a tick in the box for the Lucky Dip random selections), the days you want to play, the number of weeks you want to play, and the correct draw dates. The ticket you get back must reflect this information and have both a visible bar-coded serial number and an unmarked void box.

When you buy your ticket in person, make sure the ticket you get back has: Your chosen numbers or the Lucky Dip numbers, the days you want to play, the number of weeks you want to play, and your selected drawing dates. Every valid ticket must also have a visible bar-coded serial number and an unticked void box.

In order to claim a winning prize, write your name and address on the lottery ticket. You cannot claim a prize without the ticket. Then take the ticket to any national lottery retailer. If no one wins, the prize is rolled into the next drawing.