Lucky Online Poker Player Has Huge Win

A single player at Party Gaming is a happy person this year as they managed to win the jackpot winnings of 5 million US Dollars!  The player who goes by the name of Gamago will be getting an entry in the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest online win yet.

The player is no stranger to wins online and has taken home some nice jackpots over the years.  He has won jackpots between 50,000 US Dollars and 100,000 US Dollars, but nothing anywhere near this grand scale.  It is astounding that in just one spin he managed to scoop a jackpot of nearly 5 million US Dollars. It would appear that the minor league jackpots just don’t manage to cut it anymore!  The website owners were some of the first to congratulate the winner.  We would like to congratulate Gamago on taking down this monster record Gold Mega Jackpot and making online gaming history.

The player is a VIP member of Party Gaming and this win is surely going to change their lifes.  At the present time, they have made the decision to stay anonymous regarding their true identity.  PartyGaming bosses were extra delighted that a member of their VIP club was the lucky winner.   They had assumed the jackpot would reach 5 million US Dollars and stated as such, but this record Gold Mega Jackpot hit shortly after we published those fateful words!  Gamago is a valued member of the Palladium Lounge and we wish him well with his newly found mega riches.

The Gold Mega Jackpot game is now bound to have even more players hoping for that lucky spin and win!

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