Newbies Poker Mistakes


Poker is in all likelihood one of the hardest card games about to play, as well as remembering all of the rules you have to actually remember the card sequences and also be able to tell a good bluff out.


In poker there is really no such thing as beginners luck because if you simply do not know how to play the game then you will literally end up losing. So let us take a brief look at some of the more common poker mistakes that beginners can make.


Having Good Cards But Throwing It Away

Because beginners do not actually know the way the cards work, they are more likely to drop out and miss out on huge sums of money. They simply end up folding their cards early because they do not know how to play the game.


Putting all of the chips in

One thing that newbies constantly do is blow all their big chips because they think they have a good hand. Again I have seen new players basically get dealt a pair and think they have the confidence to take someone else on that has probably got a full house or better.


Talking too Much

Again definitely something that new players tend to do a lot. Talking too much is a sure sign that you just do not have a clue how anything works. People will be able to tell with ease when you are trying to bluff.


All in all I think that any new person playing poker should instead take the chance to play online poker, the reason I say this is because there is many online deals that will see you saving more money then you actually end up losing.

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