Ohio Slots – Boon or Boondoggle

Ohio slots are planned on being installed at the racetracks within an estimated period of ten months. It is in an attempt to help improve the state’s budget problems. This decision was founded on the success of nearby Pennsylvania when they began using the similar idea. Pennsylvania profited from a huge increase in tax revenue when they utilized slots at their raceways and specified casinos. The state’s income tax demonstrated a dramatic rise with nearly a billion dollars racked in three years after the transformation. In the fourth year, Pennsylvania’s state income was well more than a billion dollars. This is a highly awaited event for gamblers, but many of the community religious groups are ready to oppose this new change.

Community churches, United Methodist Church and the Ohio Council of Churches, have already expressed that they will make all exhausted efforts to stop Ohio slot machines at the local raceways. The churches are set to go all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court in order to get a ruling against the new modifications for being unconstitutional. Spokespersons for the churches are going to present the case to local leaders to wait on transition in the coin machines until the court has examined their appeals or until the state leaders decide to stop the advancements. Associates of the churches will also participate in the support against the slot machines by starting a campaign. In a announcement rendered by the churches, it declared that they have been defending against gambling for years and had much positive results for their cause.

Although community religious churches and their clergy are opposing Ohio slots, this new change will cause a tremendous addition in tax income to support the state’s finances. There are seven raceways that are in the procedure of making space for the coin machines. The potential of a profitable shove for the budget has many Ohio occupants and state leaders excited to see a prosperous future for the state of Ohio.