Play Roulette to Win: Key Tips Uncovered

When it comes to winning at the game of roulette, there’s a single golden rule to remember. The simple rule is that roulette is a game that can be played for short term wins sometimes, but never forever. There is no foolproof strategy that you can always depend on as luck plays a major role in the game of roulette. But as long as you are modest, and don’t seek to make a fortune, then there are ways of playing roulette which can see a worthwhile return.

One of the first things which you’ll need to be aware of is that there exist 2 types of roulette. In America roulette is often played on a different board to Europe’s traditional layout. But this one small difference makes a huge difference when it comes down to working out the statistics. In the long run, even a small difference can bring even the most robust system to its knees. Both variations of roulette have zero and the numbers 1 to 36 in common. However, the American version has a double zero – a 38th number on the board. Not giving due consideration to the double zero can have an adverse impact on your game.

The Martingale system is one of the most well known techniques of playing roulette. Often applied in online casinos, it certainly does produce good winnings. Of course, using this strategy alone does not ensure great success. Having a good working knowledge of a number of alternative strategies permits you to alter your approach, which not only adds interest, but can help you when things go wrong.

To begin Martingale’s strategy, you could place a single wager on red. If you’re successful then you will have gained a dollar. Winning the first round would be great! There is the possibility of you not winning the first round. Simple – using the Martingale system you double your bet, and try again. Success this time results in the same situation as if you’d won the first bet. In case of another loss, just go on doubling. The probability of losing 7 times continuously is very less, around 2% only and this is the basis on which Martingale system works.

Effectively, by playing on a 50-50 wager, and doubling whenever you don’t win, you will always gain in the end. Eventually you are likely to win, at which point you return to your initial, low wager. Using this method it is possible to make about a dollar every minute. Of course, if you have a large bankroll, this could be increased to ten dollar bets, with larger returns.

A two percent probability of losing your wager 8 times in a row may appear trivial, but where the strategy breaks down is in the fact that any possible likelihood must be realized sooner or later. Statistically, bad luck must happen as often as good luck! When this occurs, you might not be able to financially withstand it. Either that, or you’ll have reached the table limit, and won’t be able to raise your bet any higher.

The Martingale system can be useful for the short term. Where the Martingale strategy, like most other systems, breaks down is when you apply it for too long. It is through using such a method to gain a small profit that most people choose to play on. Often people make the mistake of thinking that a small win proves the system works, and so become greedy. When greed takes over, people continue playing for long taking greater risks and end up making losses. The secret of success with the Martingale system for roulette is to know when to stop and be content with small profits.

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