Roulette: Try Your Luck

Who doesn’t love winning games? But no one can win without a correct strategy, be it soccer, pool or even roulette. Though roulette is known to be mainly a casino game, it is not impossible to win roulette if one puts in a lot of practice and certain well-crafted winning strategies. Since the time it was invented in France, lots of admirers of the game have devised plans and tactics to learn the fine art of winning roulette!

Some of the famous strategies that have really helped many people win in the game include the following:

The Martingale system – It happens to be a renowned strategy, which requires losers in a game to double their bet amount in order to continue playing.

The Grand Martingale system- Not only the losing players have to double their bets, they have to place an additional single bet as well.

The Anti-Martingale system, the reverse of the Martingale system, is a system wherein the winners of the game are needed to double their bet amounts.

The Gland Martingale – It is a variation of the Martingale system, based on 5 consecutive even bets, wherein the player needs to wait for five consecutive results and follow it up with placing a bet on the upcoming round on the opposite outcome.

The Labouchere System- A combinations of bets within a series that changes as a result of the game and leads to cancellation.

D’Alembert System – Once the player has been through five even bets, he is required to bet on the opposite outcome. If the player loses, a new bet is added to the next one and in cases of the player winning the bet; he can decrease the bet by one unit.

Fibonacci system- Based on the series, one swings between the numbers depending on their wins or losses.

Oscar’s Grind- One needs to bet on an entire sequence to being better off.

The Cuban Betting System- Alternately, bet once on column and once on the black.

It is advisable to be cautious before heading for a casino. Depending on a particular strategy can never guarantee winning a game, as the game is many times more complex than it sounds. During the game, the skill set of the player, composure, and most importantly luck are very important factors.

You win sometimes and lose other times. The key is to know when to stop. The winning or losing streak can change in one single game. Once the initial amount has been exhausted, it is not wise to borrow more or put in more money in the hope of enhancing chances or winning back lost money. Enjoy the game. Do not plan to be a millionaire from it. Most importantly, it should be kept in mind that a housed edge cannot be broken.

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