Treasure Island Casino

Treasure Island Casino is really a Caribbean-themed gaming areas along with 2, 500 advanced slots. Treasure Island Casino furthermore features around 44 blackjack tables, video poker, video keno and bingo. All you need in order to enjoy is in Treasure Island Casino 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Denominations in the games range from 2 cents to 25 dollars. The actual progressive jackpot game comes with a starting of $250, 000. Treasure Island Casino has received several awards through the general public. Midwest Gaming as well as Travel Reader Poll voted Treasure Island Casino for the Best Selection of Slots, Best Video Poker and Best Overall Bingo Hall.

At Treasure Island Casino, the game involving blackjack needs that the dealer must stand on 17 and draw to 16 or much less. Whenever both gamer as well as dealer reach the same total, the actual hand is known as a “push”, no one wins an amount. Jacks, Queens and Kings possess a value associated with ten each. The rest of the cards have a face value. Aces could be one or even eleven depending on the value you want to allocate to them. Treasure Island Casino allows you to have some fun alone or with your friends by attempting bingo. Bingo at Treasure Island Casino is usually played just like in any other place, with a price connected on designated number or even symbols over the card.

Treasure Island Casino posseses an Island Passport club which lets you participate in and win through more ways. Membership towards Treasure Island casino is free. Members enjoy the game titles they desire as well as points can accumulate that corresponds to a prize, cash or even products.

Membership to Treasure Island Casino permits you usage of all of the casinos, dining establishments and showrooms. Members who celebrated their own special birthday can drop by during the birthday month and will acquire 500 Passport Club points. Youll be provided with a Island Passport Club card associated with Treasure Island Casino in case you present any valid IDENTIFICATION.

To become a member of Treasure Island Casino, one needs to adhere to the guidelines associated with both Treasure Island Casino and Prairie Island Indian Community. Membership to Treasure Island Casino is certainly non-transferable as well as intended for gamers 18 years and over. Treasure Island Casino lets you generate points to your Island Passport Club Points if you play slots. Island Passport Club “comp” dollars can be earned while enjoying blackjack. Membership is inactive if your card is just not used for 12 months or maybe more. The abovementioned guidelines are just a few of the rules imposed by Treasure Island Casino towards their Island Passport Club members.