US Players and Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act

You love gambling and you’re a resident of the US. Though when a certain bill has been approved, the whole thing becomes different. Now, it is harder to gamble online, no thanks to the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act). Finding an online gambling site that matches to your pick and allows you to really play may be very difficult for a US player.

This is a situation other US online gamblers have found themselves in. Some online gambling sites does not prohibit US players and that’s an encouraging fact. Searching aggressively and proficiently is all you have to do.


The UIGEA, in the first place, is mainly the reason why US Players are not allowed on some gambling sites. It was originally the Online Gambling Ban Bill which, as its name suggest, permanently bans online gambling in the US. The reason online gambling players did not made an actual public appeal about it during its ratification process was actually unclear at all. It was at last, accepted and presently being implemented as the UIGEA.

For a lot of online casinos that particularly rely a lot on its shareholders, the UIGEA spelled death. If it will really actually happen is yet doubtful, and UIGEA’s concrete implementation has not been realized yet.

The shareholders are quickly pulling out their shares from the online casinos because it places UIGEA in a rather confusing state, and consequently, triggering capital lose and permanent shutting down of online casinos.

The Issue

Whether gambling in the US is still permitted or not is the issue. Most states do allow online gambling. Some, however, has prohibited its citizens from online gambling. Online gambling is illegal in approximately 14 states. Online casino investors are pulling out and this is the actual explanation why the online gambling seems to be stagnant at the moment. This has rendered the whole industry inoperative and placed online gambling sites in danger. It is not helpful as well when there’s doubt about the issue in any way.

The stopping of US players from joining in their online gambling site was taken upon by some gambling sites themselves. The reasons may nevertheless differ for this, but the UIGEA was considered influential by most people.

What’s the Application

A few online poker sites or online casinos have their services offered to US players, as it was noted. A great deal amount of trouble was believed to have been caused by the UIGEA’s usage in real life. Actually the law being not yet really enforced caused the trouble.

But a great number of online casinos were obliged to impose stern measures on the registration of its players by the UIGEA. Now, it has become a lot harder – even impossible – for minors to register.

The registration of fake accounts is also monitored more strictly. Making certain that the clients they have are not bogus and illegal is one step that online casinos have carried out.