Who Has The UK Lottery License?

Do you know who owns and operates the UK lottery? With a whopping amount of wealth going into this business, it’s indeed difficult to visualize that the owners are not astonishingly rich. UK lottery is actually made up of several different stockholders, which implies that the huge profits are equally distributed among the members, generally the ones who have assisted in financing the company.

Currently, UK lottery is under the control of a company known as the Camelot. It looks after the various promotional campaigns and payouts. It makes certain that all runs well. Camelot’s sovereignty began in the year 2001, when they won the bid for that year’s franchise. This bid is open in every eight years, and in this bid, the ownership of UK lottery is given over to a company, which is selected by The National Lottery Commission.

The National Lottery Commission is however not responsible for act of Camelot. It also does not distribute any of the winnings. It was set up to ensure that all players get equally treated. It is not a government-operated company, and has a staff of just 50 people. The head office is located in Watford, even though most staff are from London itself.

In order to facilitate the altering of the franchise to a new owner, the National Lottery Commission is organized into five directors in departments like Resources, Licensing, the Project Team, Compliance, Performance, and Communications. The members of the department are employed by the secretary of State for media, culture, and sport. They also employ the Chief Executive, which decides regarding issues about the lottery and franchise.

The duty of National Lottery Commission is to look after complaints, which were not adequately looked after by Camelot, or whichever company operates UK lottery. They guarantee that no underage person applies for the game and that people are not into playing the game very excessively. The Commission checks and regulates most of the happenings by Camelot, however they don’t get involved much into the managing and running of the game. The commission however looks to it that the money is allocated properly, and in the correct manner.

Funds gathered from the lottery are split up between the prize fund and various good causes. Some of the money also goes directly to the government, the retailers that supply the lottery cards or tickets, and Camelot itself. 28p per pound is given to Good Causes, which is set out by Parliament. Some people consider this more of a stealth tax, but it goes to support the Big Lottery Fund. Some of the money from the Dream Number lottery game goes to help out with the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.

As per, the rules established by the National Lottery Commission, the players have to be above the age of 16 years. Camelot takes part in both methods – the scratch cards and the number match games, however the Lotto is known to be the most renowned. The players playing the ‘pick-the-number games’ can typically play on the Wednesdays or Saturdays every week. The Daily Play is another popular game which takes place every day of the week, excluding Sunday. EuroMillion is most suitable, for those looking for a big jackpot as it has a rolling jackpot including all of UK.