Why Gambling is a Good Thing

Gambling and online poker has been seen as such a bad thing to do for many years now. It has been banned in so many countries around the world, but why? What is so bad about the game and why are people so against it, let's take a quick look.

Personally I do not really gamble myself in any form whatsoever as I believe I worked much to hard for my money to risk throwing it away, but there are a lot of people that do gamble and I do not think that making the game illegal is something that should happen. There is a huge amount of positivness that can be had from gambling.

Firstly and the most crucial aspect is actually is gambling is another sector, people rely on this sector to pay their wages and if it went hundreds of people would become unemployed and homeless. Just take a look at what happened in Russia recently for instance, The government has ordered the closure of all casinos and gambling halls Wednesday, consigning gambling to four special zones in far-flung regions in Russia, some of them several thousands of miles and half-a-dozen time zones away from Moscow. This has hurt the economy a huge amount and left a lot of people jobless.

Secondly almost every industry uses gambling to make money, but they do it in a more sneaky way. I mean what is it you actually think you are doing when you phone up for these TV shows? This is probably of the easiest ways to gamble your money away, I mean the questions are so easy that everyone knows the answer to them. Such as "What colour is the ocean? The a huge amount of folk ring the premium rate line which costs £1.50 for the call, when its very unlikely that you will be chosen to win the prize.

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