Why You Should be Allowed to Gamble

There is such a big shadow over the gambling industry at the moment that it is hard to even talk about it in public anymore. The gambling sector has become somewhat of an underground industry.

Whenever you tell people that you go to visit the casino or start playing online poker they look at you in a funny sort of way like you have done something wrong or you have obsessive behaviour.

All to be truthful all of this bad feeling towards gamblers has been created by the media. You can really tell how bad the sector has got especially when you look at things like trying to submit articles or press release, I can guarantee that almost 90% of them will be declined because of the fact that they are gambling related.

But what I just dont understand is why the lottery is allowed to be promoted all over the globe? Why is it not illegal? What I am trying to say is that gambling is probably one of the worst types of gambling you can get. At least with gambling games such as poker and blackjack at least it takes some skill. But the lottery is just about pure luck, hoping you picked the correct numbers.

But still the lottery is published all over TV channels all over the internet and newspapers and nothing seems to be wrong with that. It really does make you question the reasons why, is it simply because the lottery is run by the government and they are allowed to do anything they wish.

I think gambling should be free for anyone to promote and play over a certain age gap, even visiting kids amusements, kids are permitted to gamble their cash away trying to win toys and soft teddy bears, so what makes poker or roulette any different?

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