WordPress Blog strategies that work to be published in launch of Internet Marketing Review of +600 products

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BREAKING NEWS: A message for all WordPress Bloggers

About me

I am self taught and have closely followed the evolution of Internet Marketing for just over five years. I receive and answer thousands of questions on my blog about Internet Marketing every month. I have a single mission to help folks who are really stuck, must make a living and have turned to the web to do it.

Disappointingly a significant number of Internet Marketing content and tools I evaluate doesn’t do what it says on the ‘tin’. Until now I have focused publishing my findings to a limited group of sites because their owners have been very supportive in helping me with my evaluations.

Over 600 products tested

Over a five year period I have tested more than 600 products and I will only be publishing reviews on products that are still on the market. Every product I write about has been battle tested by me and I either continue to use it all or some of the time.

Easy to use and organised index

I am really keen for everyone finds my site has a good experience so I am going to make sure that every ‘product’ summary is typed in terms of the amount of money they will have to spend, the level of skill they will need, how much time they should spend and how long it usually take to see some results.

First Review – The ‘blueprint’ for WordPress blog success

I am going to kick off with WordPress Blogs and what systems you can use to make money from them. Everyone should have a blog and I am passionate about blogging as the majority of my income comes from blogs but and however I am conscious that setting up a blog can be confusing so if you join my list I will show you step by step how to do it.

Create once and replicate

I will also share with you a ‘cut and paste’ strategy anyone can use with blogs so once you have created one blog and mastered the art of earning cash from it then you just replicate it over and over again. I have a fundamental rule of ‘getting a rope across the river’ before commencing on any large amount of work so I always start with building a prototype that I evolve into a blueprint that I can test, improve and copy, to do this you have to really understand what products and strategies you need to use.

No bullshit, just answers.

So if you have a WordPress blog or you need some practical and personal assistance with your purchases of Internet Marketing products then please do join my list at www.backlinksclinic.com.

See you there